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Zinc Aluminium Flake Coating

Zinc Aluminium Flake Coating
(Zinc Flake Coating Products: Water reducible)
  • ZINCOVER® JH380 Zinc Flake Coating
  • Microlayer corrosion protection paint with chromate matrix and Zn flakes; Silver Grey in Appearance
  • Best suitable for CV and non ELV applications 
  • 3 Pack system, longer storage life when not mixed
  • Coating Application: Dip Spin/Spray over Shot Blasting
  • Excellent Corrosion and Chemical Resistance
  • SST Over 1500 hours life
  • Hydrogen Embritlement Free
  • High Heat resistance
Zinc Flake Coating Technology
  • Environmental Friendly: meets ELV, WEE, ROHS etc legislation 
  • Zinc-Al. Flakes , Electrically conductive Binder system with integrated lubricants for adjusting friction.
  • Non Electrolytically applied. Coating Thickness from ranges from 5 -15 microns and over 1000 hrs SST, Heat resistance 150 deg c by Organic and 200 deg c by Inorganic sealers
  • No Hydrogen generation during application: No risk of hydrogen –induced tension crack corrosion, Suitable for hardware & metal parts like Springs, Fasteners & Screws etc.
  • Standard: Zinc Flake coatings are referred by ISO-10683 globally.

Water Reducible Zinc Flake Coating

  • Water based coating offers direct cost saving by not using solvents compare to other solvent based products.
  • Environmental friendly: Low VOC, HAP free
  • Best suitable for tough climatic/weather conditions.
  • Excellent adhesion over zinc and zinc plated alloys
  • AQUAZINC® One Coat System
  • Best Suitable for Replacement of Zinc Plating!
  • Chrome(VI) free Zinc-Aluminum flake , Water reducible silver grey appearance coating
  • Applicable over Zn Phosphate or over Zn Plating 
  • No need of additional top coat, Integrated lubricants added to adjust friction values.
  • SST over 720 hours (5%) , Kestenritch over 25 cycles
  • No white rust Applicable
  • Meets WEE, RoHS & ELV legislation for not using six declarable substances in coating formulation.
  • Non flammable, Easy water cleanup, Low Odor, Environmental friendly.
  • Low Curing temperature compare to other products around 220 deg c.
  • Ability to recoat and better adhesion with sealer top coats.
  • Non Electrolytically applied-Does no induce hydrogen Imbrittelment
  • Suitable for Threaded hardware, Stamping Parts and High Strength Steel parts.

  • Water reducible thermosetting corslinked system organic type meets ELV, WEE, ROHS
  • Variety of colors: Black, Grey, Blue, Red , White & others colors on request
  • Improves the SST life >1000 hours & over 25 Kestenritch cycles
  • Better UV resistance: up to 2000 hours
  • No white rust applicable
  • Meets COF requirement: 0.12-0.15tot GMW3359
  • Resistance to Automotive fluids: ISO10683
  • Excellent Adhesion over Zinc Phosphate, Zinc and Zinc alloy plating



High tensile Fasteners, Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, Screws and other threaded connecting hardware parts, Springs, Spring Steel Parts, Clips, Clamps, Brackets and other stamping parts, Brake Disc, Brake Drum, Brake Rotors etc.
Wind Turbine Industry
Blade assembly Bolts, Nasal assembly Bolts, Tower Construction Bolts and Foundation Bolts Springs, Spring Steel Parts, Clips, Clamps, Brackets and other stamping parts
Bolts, Washers, Spring tension Clamps, Sleeper Screws, Crossing Bolts, Fish Bolts, Holding Bolts
Other Industry
• Energy and infrastructure/Chemical Processing Industry/Marine Industry/ Petroleum & Gas Industry
• High tensile Fasteners, Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, Screws and other threaded connecting hardware parts. 
• Spring Steel Parts, Clips, Clamps, Brackets and other stamping parts

Applied References for Zinc Flake & Organic Sealer coating

  • ISO10683-2007: Fasteners-Non Electrolytically applied zinc aluminum flake coating
  • ASTM F1136:2004: Standard Specification for Zinc/Al. Corrosion Protective Coatings for Fasteners
  • VDA 235-104-EN-07-2005: Types of Cr(VI)-free surface Protection for connecting elements with metric threads.
  • GADSL: Global Automotive Declarable Substances List
  • ELV- E U 2000/53E G, Annex-l l of June,2 7th,2002: Free-End of Life Vehicle Legislation
  • WEE/ROHS-2 OO2/95EG- January 27th 2OO3: Waste Electrical and Electronics Management and Restriction of hazardous Substances.

Application techniques & Coating Plants

AQUAZINC® , AQUABLACK®, AQUABLUE® & ZINCOVER® products can be applied with following conventional application techniques:
Dip Spin : Manual, semi automatic or automatic
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